LB889 - Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act

In 2002 the Nebraska Legislature embraced the popularity of the design-build delivery system and approved the use for school districts. Just recently the legislature made additional changes to LB889 - Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act allowing the use of a Design-Build delivery method to include all political subdivisions not just schools.

Design-build is defined as a team-based system organized to provide efficient design and construction processes, where the political subdivision contracts with a single entity to provide architectural, engineering, and related design services and labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and construction services for the project. Design-build is team-based, with cooperation being the most important!

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. is a proven leader in the design-build arena with close to a thousand design-build projects already completed. Design-build provides political subdivisions the opportunity to save time and money.

Brief Summary of Steps Involved:

Performance Criteria Developer:
-Hire a Performance Criteria Developer to assist the solicitation and execution of a design-build contract
-The Performance Criteria Developer is ineligible to be included as a provider of any services, nor may they have any interest with the design-builder submitting a proposal
Letters of Interest:
-Request Letters of interest and publish request in regional newspapers
-Pre-qualify design-builder and select at least three prospective design-builders
Request for Proposals:
-Send a detailed RFP to the pre-qualified design-builders
Receiving and Evaluating Proposals:
-Political subdivisions may only proceed to negotiate a design-build contract if at least two proposals are received from the pre-qualified design-builders
Selection Committee:
-Group of at least 5 persons designated by governing body
-Evaluate proposals for each criterion
-Keep and maintain permanent records of the proceedings
Contract Negotiations:
-Negotiate a design-build contract with the highest ranked design-builder
-If unable to negotiate satisfactorily, negotiations may be terminated

Dorchester Public Schools

This tilt-up concrete project is also one of the first schools in Nebraska to be built using the design/build project delivery method allowed by Nebraska LB889. The 33,500 square foot building replaced the original building built in 1927 and features both elementary and high school classrooms, multi-purpose room with stage, library and administrative offices.

Dorchester Public School - first design build school built under Nebraska LB889

Auburn Public Schools

Auburn Public Schools is Nebraska's latest school district utilizing design/build to facilitate this tilt-up concrete addition to Auburn High School. Space is allocated for 7 new classrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, a multi purpose/wrestling room and a commons area. Site development is currently underway while the interior design is being finalized. Project completion is expected to coincide with the beginning of the 2009 school year.