OCT Pipe

Norfolk, Nebraska

Ayars and Ayars, Inc. is the design-builder for a new pipe manufacturing facility located in Norfolk, NE for OCT Pipe, LLC. The new manufacturing building will encompass 1,174,000 square of steel building structure and will have an estimated workforce of 180 employees. Over three quarter million cubic yards of dirt is being moved on the 107 acre site to facilitate the grading work for the project. 6,000 tons of steel and 45,000 cubic yards of concrete will be used for construction of the new pipe plant. A 6,500 square foot office building will also be built on the site.
The new facility will use 350,000 tons of steel per year locally from Nucor in Norfolk when fully operational to produce pipe for the oil and gas industries. The majority of raw materials will be received and finished product will be shipped out by rail service, which is directly adjacent to the site. OCT Pipe will produce and sell drilling and production pipe to the major oil and gas production companies throughout the United States, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado — the states that generally make up what’s known as the Bakken Shale area. The company’s international division will market products to both Africa and Asia. View project card.